Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skipping a couple of days...

So the topics for the next two days of my 30 Day Blog Journal were Day 13 - A fictional Book and Day 14 - a nonfictional book.  I decided to skip those two, because if you refer back to Day 4 - my favorite book, I actually posted two that day: one fiction and one nonfiction. So I kinda figured it was a little mundane to repeat myself, or to pull something out of nowhere...because I really don't read that much outside of journal articles for school...and that's only because I have to :) So I'm just gonna move on to Days 15!

So here we go!

Day 15 - my dream house
This one is a little difficult for me, just because I've honestly never put that much thought into it. "Home" to me has always just become wherever I land and wherever the people I love are. The "house" itself, is not that important to me. But hey...that's why we're dreaming right?! ;) So I found a couple of pictures that I thought were neat, and I will just briefly describe to you what I would love to have in a future house if we (as in my future family) get the option!

First of all...I would absolutely LOVE to have a lake house. Even if it wasn't my "everyday" home...because let's face it, I am doomed to living in whatever city the government tells me to (either for my job or the fact that my boyfriend and future husband is in the military)! And I'm realistic enough to think I probably won't get so lucky to be stationed near a nice lake! But if I could have a house on a lake that is warm enough to swim in during the summer and within reasonable distance to go snowboarding in the winter (like Lake Tahoe for example), that would probably be the most beautiful thing my imagination could ever dream of.  When I envision the type of house that I would just LOVE to live in, a cabin of sorts always comes to mind. Here are a few pictures I found that let my imagination go a little wild! :)

Something about this house captivates me. I love the wooden, cabin like structure, and absolutely LOVE the huge windows everywhere!
Again, with the windows! :) I also really love the front balcony, that is really cute!

Slopes + lake = heaven on earth! :)
As for some other details...I want a big fireplace, complete with a mantle...and a real one, that burns wood. None of that gas log stuff. I would love to have an island in the kitchen and one of those big things to hang your pots and pans over the top. 1-story or 2-story doesn't really matter to me, but if I do ever have a 2-story house, I want to have both an upstairs and a downstairs thermostat. And wherever I end up living, I would prefer to have a "country" type setting...not necessarily way out in the boondocks, because I would like it to be a relatively short trip to the nearest grocery store and gas station. But I just want to have a little bit of land. I hate neighborhoods where you see all these beautiful houses, but they are all practically on top of each other. I know it all kinda depends on the location, but hey...that's why we're dreaming right?! :)

Anyways, those are just a few thoughts.  I am very open to different options and ideas, those are just some things I would really love to have in a house...whether it be an "everyday" house or a vacation home.

I think I will close today with a quote I read recently.  I have no idea who said it, but I think it fits well here :)

"Your dreams are worth your best efforts to achieve them." 

Not just in a house, but life in general. I'm a bit of a dreamer when it comes to certain areas of my life...and I will do whatever I can to see my dreams, and the dreams of those I love most, come true!


  1. you are incredibly sweet my friend. And awesome dream house.

  2. It's settled. You will be coming to spend a weekend with us at my parent's lakehouse really soon. We could get Liz to come too, it'll be fun!