Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 12!

Today's topic for my 30 Day Blog Journal is "Thing(s) you are OCD about"

I will admit...I am kind of an odd person when it comes to OCD. Typically, the things I am OCD about, are really random and unusual. I rarely am OCD over the "common" locking the door, turning the coffee pot off, making the bed, etc. But hey, that's kinda the point right? You get to learn some of the odd quirks I have...and Lord knows I have a lot of quirks! So here we go...I am very OCD about:

1) My DVDs being alphabetized. And let me just say, that I love the Bourne series even more because they are in alphabetical order when they are in chronological order. The Ocean's movies on the other hand (Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen)...are not. When I first set up my DVD collection, it seriously took me a few minutes to decide what to do. I ended up putting them in chronological order...ugh. 
One other thing about DVDs, Wii games, etc...I really hate it when people leave discs laying out on a shelf or something and not putting them back in their appropriate cases...Unfortunately, I am no nearly as picky about CDs. I manage to scratch those up quite a bit. But I guess I always have the option to burn them again from iTunes, so that's probably why I don't care so much.

2) Saving receipts and balancing my checkbook. This is honestly a result of my Dave Ramsey class I have bragged about previously. I am such a budgeter and I usually balance my checkbook at least every 2 days. But I think this is a good habit :) By the way, if you have an iPad, or even an iPhone or iPod touch, I highly recommend the Pocket Money app. And as I was just looking up the website to include in that link, I just discovered it is also now available in the Android Market. The actual Pocket Money app is $4.99, but there is a Pocket Money Lite version in the apple store that is free, it just has a few adds and only let's you put in two accounts, but that is the one I use. It is really convenient. However, the Android Market doesn't have the Lite version, and from reading the reviews, it is good to balance your checkbook, but the budget feature is not yet included (I use the budget feature on my iPad all the time and it is FANTASTIC!) Anyways, give it a shot if budgeting/balancing is something you do or would like do start doing a better job of! I believe you can also sync it with your PC, I just haven't ever done that.

3) This next "list" is probably one of the has to do with my OCD tendencies regarding my car. Every time I get parked somewhere and am about to turn my car off...I first pull the emergency break (have to in most's a standard...but I did this when I drove an automatic too...probably because I secretly wished I had a standard during those times...), then turn the heater/air conditioner off (I was told once that it was better for your compressor to not start your car with it on, so I always turn it off before I get out), turn the volume DOWN and turn the radio/CD player OFF...I started doing this when I nearly blew my ear drums and speakers on multiple occasions because I just sometimes really like my music loud! And then I turn the car off.  Strange, right? I also reset my trip odometer every time I fill up my gas tank. That probably seems odd too, but I used to have a car (The Golfball...a little white Saturn with hail damage!) that the fuel gauge didn't work on, so I had to refer to my trip odometer to get an idea of how much gas I had. the habit just managed to stick. But hey, it's a good way to know what kind of gas mileage you're getting on average per tank! :)

I am sure I have plenty more things I am OCD about. But those are the first few that came to mind :)

Happy reading! Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather! Bring on SPRING! :)

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