Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Return from the blogging hiatus?

I've decided I'm not a very good blogger. 

Sometimes I really enjoy it and just want to post everything...

And other times (like those of late...) I just don't really have much to say and have zero desire to post anything. 

I like the idea of blogging...more for myself than for others to actually read. I used to keep a journal, which I also liked some aspects of, but not so much on some others. My hand gets tired from writing after a while...or my neck from looking down at the pages...or I just feel like it takes too long.  But I really hate the idea of not keeping some sort of record of memories. I love looking back on things or a period of time in my life and either reminiscing over the good, laughing at the stupid, and seeing how far I've come since the bad. I think that's important. 

So...perhaps for my own sake...I should just start blogging random little tidbits about my life. Not to keep everyone else updated, but to give me something to look back on one day :)

Life has been crazy lately. Between going out of town just about every weekend since the start of 2012, spending a week in China, the end of the semester approaching, the wedding just under two weeks away, and planning the summer move across the country, I feel like I don't have time to breathe. I feel like I'm busy all the time, but also feel like I rarely get anything done. It's frustrating.

It dawned on me this morning while I was eating my cereal, that I have been missing out! I have been letting myself become so busy and so overwhelmed, that I am forgetting to soak it all in and enjoy where I am, right here, right now. That's not me.

So here's to a fresh start.

It's time to start finding the joy in life again. In the big things, and in the little things.

-I have until Saturday before I have to say "see you later" to my 4-legged children for almost two weeks while they go stay with their Grandpa Keith on the other side of the state while we go celebrate our marriage in Mexico. I'm going to cheat...feed them scraps and let them cuddle with me on the couch. I'm going to spoil them rotten! 

-I get to watch my little cousin, Derek, (who's not so little anymore...) graduate from high school this weekend. Other than my baby sister who still has a few years, he's the last one of us (the kids I grew up with on my mom's side of the family) to walk across that stage and start a new chapter of his life. We are growing up :)

-Speaking of growing up...the final year of my "mid-twenties" starts tomorrow. Yikes. I'm probably going to ditch the "easy-on-the-sugar-before-Mexico" diet and take a special trip to Braum's tomorrow to celebrate! ;)

-This weekend I get to celebrate with the best sisters and best girlfriends a girl could ask for before they see me off to get married. Most of them I don't get to see nearly enough. I'm going to cherish every minute :)

-Over the next week and a half, I get to decide exactly what I'm going to say in my vows to the love of my life, pick out which quotes and pieces of scripture which best define the meaning of our marriage, and finalize the song choices that are going to be played at my wedding. Instead of worry about getting these done in time, I'm going to embrace them, and thank God profusely for letting me share the adventure we call life with  the best friend and truest love I have ever known!

I am extremely blessed. I don't want to forget or lose sight of that. I also don't want to get so busy planning my life that I don't take the time to LIVE it.

So here goes :)

I can't promise I'll be back soon. If I had to guess, it will probably be after I officially become Mrs. Merriman! :)