Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 30....and Project 365 - Week 1!

So today is an exciting day...I am finally up to Day 30 of my 30 Day Blog Journal, which means I've finally reached the end! Here is the topic for today:

A Dream for the Future!

I have always been the type of person to set high goals and expectations for at first I was thinking, "Dang, I have to just pick one thing that I want to achieve in the future?!" But honestly, it didn't take me long AT ALL to come up with my post for today.

I would have to say that my biggest dream for the future can be summed up by the following...

To have a long, loving, happy and fulfilling marriage with the love of my life. To raise our future children to be strong, independent, smart, genuine and caring people. To break the cycle of our family histories and prove that it is possible to completely and wholeheartedly live your life very much in love with and devoted to one person, no matter what life throws at you. And I know that in order to accomplish this, I must center my heart and mind on Jesus...the one man who lived his life as THE perfect example of love and sacrifice. For I will not be able to truly, completely and unconditionally love my husband and my children the way I ought to, until I love Jesus the most, and allow him to love them through me, despite my (and their) imperfections.

That is my biggest dream for the future. And because of God's grace, I have every intention of seeing that dream come to fruition! 

Next that my 30 Day Blog Journal is complete, it is time to start on a new project or two!

Not too long ago, I started following a blog called First Comes Love. I stumbled across her blog through someone else's that I follow, and although I don't know her and it may seem kinda weirdo-stalkerish...I find her blog interesting because she is always posting lots of different things, from things she finds on sale to remodeling her first home...and lots of things in between. I got the idea to embark on my own Project 365 journey from her blog!

Ever head someone say, "I saw my life flash before my eyes!"?? Well for Project 365, you take a picture everyday and post a short description of the photo so you can see/remember things about your life a year or more down the road. What are the things most important to you? What are some things you've accomplished? What has changed? What has remained the same? What are some firsts you've experienced? How have YOU become different?

So that is the idea behind Project 365! I am really looking forward to doing this and being able to look back a year from now and have a cool visual history of the past 365 days. I have decided to do this in weekly posts because I am really bad about being sure to post every day (obviously...). Feel free to join me as I start this journey, and I would love to hear your comments at anytime! Here we go! :)

Week 1!

Road trip with the other half of my heart!
Potential reception dress for when we come back from our beach wedding/honeymoon? ;)

Ohh, Spring. Tennis ball size hail in my front yard.

Gotta love grad school research! The beginnings of my hollow fiber manifold.

"Mom, make it quit raining. (I think) I am a princess and I don't like to get wet when I go potty."
Remember when I posted Day 24 - where I live?  Well I left out a room in my house...the office/man cave....and this is why. This is (was) the room I avoid(ed) like the scared me to go in there. Sadly, this isn't even what we could refer to as a "before" picture...this was actually DURING my cleaning spree this past in (believe it or not) I had already started cleaning it! EEK!
 And for Day 7...I'm cheating a are two photos for your viewing pleasure! ;)
My dear friend, Michella, at her Bridal Shower! I got her a Magic was on her registry and I LOVE mine, so I couldn't help myself! :) I am so excited for her and the new chapter she is about to start in a couple months!

And here's why I had to do two photos for today...had to show some love to Michella, of course! But I also couldn't help it...I was so proud of the office makeover. I still have some organization work (and downsizing of junk we don't need to keep) to do in there, and I need to hang my "hooray for me wall" up still, but it at least doesn't scare me to go in there anymore! And see that filing cabinet? It is very neatly organized with labeled folders for all of our different bills, accounts, taxes, personal files, etc., and I am so excited about that! I love having things organized and knowing right where to go if I need something!
Well this is officially the end of my 30 Day Blog Journal, and the beginning of Project 365!

One last thing...

Happy Easter! 

Hope you had a blessed day with the reminder that Jesus has conquered the grave!

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