Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Dalmation Chair Makeover

Do you also remember how I told you about a Shaklee giveaway I entered on First Comes Love Reviews and Giveaways? Well I won! Erin from Healthy Branscoms was so kind and sent me a sample of Shaklee, and it was enough to make one bottle of the Basic H2 and one bottle of window cleaner, and there was a little tiny bit of the concentrated liquid to use on something else!

I haven't bought anything from Shaklee yet, so I hadn't purchased the 16 oz bottles to make the cleaners in...so I just went to the Dollar Tree and found some 28 oz bottles that had marks on the side for each oz (it also had mL), and they were only $1 each, so I thought that was a great find!

Anyways, so far, I have used the window cleaner on my mirrors in my bathrooms, and I must say it works really well! I have also used the Basic H2 just as an everyday cleaner for my kitchen counters, etc., and I really like it too....

Anybody remember not too long ago that I talked about how my chocolate fountain went crazy at the baby shower and one of my chairs from my lovely kitchen table was one of the major casualties? Well in case you forgot (or if you just need a good laugh), you can go back and re-read about it here.
My chair cushions are a light tan microsuede, so I was honestly nervous to even use water on them at first for fear of water spots, much less put anything else on it that might stain it worse or ruin the fabric....but since they say that the Basic H2 can be used on anything that it is okay for water to touch, I decided to give it a shot!

It didn't get the oil spots out completely, but they were definitely diminished significantly! Here are two before pictures:

Here's the first one I took with the flash on...it made the chair look a little better than it was to start off, so I took another one...

Here's one without the flash :( My pretty chair is covered in grease spots, and it makes me sad to say the least...

But here are some after pictures! Like I said, it didn't get it out all the way, but I just used the Basic H2 spray...I think if I were able to use something a little more concentrated, I really could get the oil all the way out!

Not NEARLY as many spots, and even the ones that are there are not as obvious!

Ha! And here's an after picture with the flash on...you can hardly notice the spots! 
I also got to use some of the concentrated stuff I had left to work on getting the gum out of the carpet in my fiance's truck...and I can tell it was really helping and I was making progress, but I just didn't have enough of the product to get me entirely through the job.

So here pretty soon, it looks like I am going to be ordering some Shaklee products for sure...I am almost positive I can get my chair completely clean, and I am pretty sure I can get that gum out too...so I'm really looking forward to it next month when I can plan for it and include it in the budget! :)

Have any of you tried Shaklee before? If so, what has been your favorite product or your favorite result? I am really curious to know! 

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  1. I friggin love Shaklee. It use all of their cleaning products, and I use their laundry products.