Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 26 - Finally!

I meant to post this over the weekend and completely forgot...but here is Day 26:
My week - in great detail

I kept notes all week last week so I wouldn't forget anything...haha. So lucky you, you get to read about it! As I mentioned a couple posts back, I spent the weekend in Little Rock with the Boyfriend's family and got to spend some time with my good friend, Linnea! I had driven down there on Friday night to pick up a lawn mower from Boyfriend's dad and stepmom, Jennifer, and also to bring Boyfriend's truck home to live with me while he is gone...So here goes!

Sunday – Got a 7:30 wake up call to Boyfriend accidentally calling me. Awesome :D Went back to sleep for a bit. Got a text from Jennifer saying the lawn mower wouldn't start, but Gary would try to get one of them working and they’d bring it up to me. Boo. Slept a little bit longer, got up and around, packed my stuff and hit the road around noon. Stopped at Arby’s in Russellville for lunch. Made it home around 3:00…took a random trip to Rogers because of a misunderstanding. haha. Stopped for a Sunday newspaper. Went home. Took 30 minute nap. Louie’s date with Wendy. Watched some recorded TV, while cutting out coupons…got all teared up in the first 30 seconds of Army Wives. Cortney got home, talked for a bit. (My friend Cortney is staying with me for 2 weeks while she does her clinicals for OT school!) Skyped with Boyfriend. Bed.

Monday – Woke up at 6am when Cortney got in the shower. FAIL. Got up and around. Organized my coupons and made a grocery list and menu for the week. Boyfriend called and asked me to do him a favor. Went to the Treasurer’s office and paid bill. Went to Bell and started yeast experiment for my Lab 3 kids I TA for. Volunteer hours – helped with wig and prosthesis (I volunteer for 2 hours every Monday at the Cancer Support Home in town, which is a non-profit organization to help people coping with cancer, as well as survivors). Ate leftovers for lunch. Wrote a little bit for my Day 25 blog post.  Back to campus for Lab 3. Stopped on the way home for grocery shopping. Unloaded groceries.  Bought some Almay base…I've never used base before because I really never needed it...but hey, let's face it, I'm getting older :/ Did make up just to see how I liked it. Rearranged/cleaned the garage to prepare for potential hail/wind storm. Got both vehicles in there! Made spaghetti for dinner. Watched some recorded TV. Talked with Cort briefly when she got home, then Skyped with Boyfriend. Finished Day 25 blog post. Finished the rest of my show. Bedtime.

Picture to prove my success in getting both of our vehicles in the garage! :)
Tuesday – Woke up early as usual. Took a shower and got around. Cleaned the kitchen from the night before when I forgot to put away the :( Ate breakfast and did dishes. Went to campus. Read some journal articles. Started lab 3 experiment. Ate packed lunch. Read more journal articles. Babysat in Lab 3. Went home. Caught up on my recorded TV for the day. I watched the new series Coming Home, which just started coming on right after Army Wives…cried like a baby and decided this deployment stuff is going to be so much harder when we have kids! (Sundays are my new official "cry-fest" nights! Went to dinner with Cortney at Buffalo Wild Wings for 50 cent wing night, talked about life…of course I only like the boneless ones, so the 50 cents didn’t apply to me… Went home, cleaned out a box of CRAP that Boyfriend left in the office that was mostly trash/recyclables. It was late and I didn’t feel like dealing with the computer/Skype, so Boyfriend and I talked on the phone before bed. Sleepytime.

Wednesday – Actually slept in a little bit…and by sleeping in I mean I woke up at like 7:15, which was still before my alarm was set…but hey, it wasn't 6am. Got around, ate breakfast, packed my lunch. Called Mitsubishi so I could see about getting my car in to get the check engine light diagnosed, AGAIN. They were jerks, but I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Drove to campus. Called my stepdad to asked him for advice about my car because, let’s face it, I’m a female and dealerships/mechanics think I’m retarded. Called Mitsubishi again to ask them about the 120K mile service they recommended and discussed it with Boyfriend…we decided it was not worth the money. On to the library to get crackin’ on my paper! Worked on paper, ate lunch, worked on paper some more…found out from my sister who found out from my brother-in-law that my dad is moving back to Oklahoma. Got an email saying my first publication as a first author is officially published online...awesome! Also heard from my future roommate for my internship this summer in Ridgecrest…I officially have a place to live that will let me bring my dogs! Finally gave up on the paper and went home and made Tuna Helper for dinner. Watched recorded TV, including American Idol. Talked to Boyfriend on Skype and went to bed!

Thursday – Got up and around, worked on my paper for about an hour, then had to go to Seminar. After that I went to my office and ate lunch. Took my car to Mitsubishi that afternoon and dropped it off to have the check engine light checked out and the oil changed. Walked down a few blocks and went to Big Lots and just looked around for a while. They called me and said my car was ready, so I walked back to pick it up. Come to find out, Bullet is perfectly healthy…his owner is just retarded. Apparently I didn’t tighten my gas cap all the way? So the car was registering a fuel leak, which is why the light came back on. After I got my car back, I went across the street to Hobby Lobby to pick up some baby shower invitations for my friend Linnea, whom I am throwing a shower for on April 2nd! Went back to school and worked on my paper some MORE. Had a sushi dinner date with my friend Christie and we stayed at the restaurant for about 2 hours…it was so nice to catch up! Went home and watched some recorded TV. Boyfriend had gone with his friend so his friend could get his tattoo touched up, so he was busy until pretty late. I got pretty tired early, so I didn’t feel like Skyping…but we did talk on the phone before bed :)

Friday – Got up and around, went to the library and worked on my paper all day AGAIN. Finally around 1:30 I finished my draft! I emailed it to my boss, and was SO ecstatic to have that off my shoulders! Went to my office and ate my lunch I packed, then I started making a shopping list for Lowe’s for things I need to buy to get started on my next project. Talked to my boss for a few minutes to make sure I was on the right track, then called it a day early. I went to Target and Kohl’s to look around a bit, where I may or may not have bought Boyfriend a present ;) Got stuck in rush hour traffic on my way home :/ But then I got home and packed my things to go to Claremore. I drove to my sister’s house and cuddled with her precious Dotti for a bit. Dotti is my sister’s Pit Bull and she is about 5 ½ years old, and Cassie just found out about a week and a half ago that Dotti has a tumor on her heart the size of a baseball :( She is not in a lot of pain, but she has not been eating for almost 3 weeks and is very weak. Cassie will have to put her down very soon, so please keep her in your prayers. Dotti is such a sweet breaks my heart :( Talked to Boyfriend on the phone for a while waiting on Cassie to get home from Wal-Mart. She just bought a new house and is completely remodeling it…so I helped her work on the floors for a bit while we talked a bit and then we went to bed.

Here is Miss Dotti
Kisses from Dotti...I love her :)
Saturday – Woke up around 7:00, got up and got dressed in my bright green T-shirt and my tall St. Patty’s Day socks. My sister and I drove to Tulsa and met up with one of her friends to run the St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Tulsa. Made it through in 31:25…so not my best time, but not bad for my first 5K of the season :) Went back to Cassie’s house…found a dress to borrow from her (good thing I lost all that weight…my sister is little!) and helped hang sheetrock in her bedroom closet and scraped glue (from linoleum she pulled up) off the wood floor in the hallway. Took a shower and got ready for the wedding. Packed my things and put my bag in the car. Unloaded the kitchen chairs into Cassie’s garage for mom to come get (Boyfriend has a set of kitchen chairs he is obviously using, and my mom has a table with no perfect!). Went to my cousin’s wedding and reception, then pretty much my entire family (grandparents, aunts and uncles, mom sisters, niece and nephew, and some cousins) went to eat at a little BBQ joint in the middle of nowhere…I think we probably made their quota for the day! ;) Headed back to Arkansas…stopped for gas on the way home and gave the Silver Bullet a bath. Got home and chatted with Cortney for a bit, then talked to Boyfriend on Skype for like 3 hours…which was awesome :D Finally went to bed at like 1:00am…so needless to say, I lost more than just the one hour of sleep! But it was worth it :)

Well there you have week in probably far more detail than you could possibly care to know! 


  1. Wow, busy week. And you make a menu for the week? Any particular reason?

  2. I almost always make a menu at the beginning on the week. Especially when I go grocery shopping...because that way I can make sure I have everything I need to make whatever I plan on eating. I also do it to keep myself accountable...sometimes it is hard to stay motivated to actually make good meals for myself, especially dinner. So I try to make a menu so I take better care of myself and actually eat meals, not just junk or whatever I find laying around...or nothing..haha sometimes I forget about dinner until it's too late to make something. So yeah, that's why :)