Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 25!

So first, I have to say "Thank you!" to my awesome friend, Missy, for making me this brand new blog design! Isn't it pretty? :) You can check out her blog here.

Now for the continuation of my 30 Day Blog is Day 25 for your enjoyment! The topic is: Your day, in great detail.

Since Day 26 is going to be my WEEK in great detail, I'm actually going to do that at the end of the week this week...starting yesterday. Which means for my DAY, I'm going to give you an overview of my day on Saturday as accurately as I can remember! :)

I had gone down to Little Rock for the weekend to pick up my soldier's truck and bring it home so that it could live with me while he is here we are - Saturday morning in Little Rock:
12:00-01:00 - Sitting on the couch with my future Mom-in-law and her friend, Cori, talking into the wee hours of the morning. We were just visiting, and talking about her new boyfriend and of course my soldier, and a few other "girl" type things to talk about! We had a good time...but WHEW, was I ready for bed....
01:00-01:15am - Luckily I had already changed into my comfy yoga pants and sweatshirt right after dinner, so all I had to do was take my contacts out, brush my teeth and hit the sack! 
01:15-07:30(ish)am - Snoozing away! 
07:30(ish)am - I don't know how to sleep in anymore...I wake up with the sun. It's not even fair...but it's the truth. So I woke up at 7:30, mad that I woke up so early with no doggies to come wake me up...
07:30-08:15 (or so) - I laid in boyfriend's bed at his momma's house, wide awake for no reason at all, when I had clearly not had enough sleep. So what do I do when everybody else (and by everybody I mean his mom and her dog) is still asleep? Well, my phone has been running really slow, so I've been slowly trying to delete my plethora of text messages to clear out some of the memory. I do really well going through and deleting them most the time from most people. But since Walter and I text so much throughout the day, they add up, and it is SO tasking to go through and delete them. My phone is awesome (sucks) because it saves text messages in conversations, but it will only let you delete them one by one, or all at once. The problem with one by one: obvious, but it takes forever. The problem with option two: When there are 3000+ text messages in a conversation, my phone freezes before it actually deletes them. Not to mention, some of them are just so dang cute because my boyfriend is the best boyfriend ever, that I wouldn't want to delete them ALL anyways! here I am, wide awake way too early, and deleting text messages.
08:15-09:45 - Fortunately, I got bored with that and got tired enough to roll over and go back to sleep!
09:45-10:30 - I woke up again and decided it was time to actually get up and out of bed. I went to the restroom (I always do when I first wake up...always). Then I got my iPad and headed into the living room. I am also almost always hungry right when I wake I went into the kitchen and found some powdered donuts and took a couple to the couch with me. I turned on the TV, flipped through the guide, and for some reason decided to watch Selena on TBS. I think it was the only thing on. But since I am a multi-tasker, I also was messing around on my iPad. Balanced my checkbook and looked at how I was doing with my budget for this month on my Pocket Money app (which I LOVE). Then I started looking at random pictures online...

I found this picture first on Facebook through a friend of a friend. The girl is a photographer and had posted this picture that she found at and was talking about how she wanted to do a photo shoot like this sometime.  I fell in love with this picture and started trying to find pictures similar to this...

Here is another one I found that I like...minus the tattoos:
I found this picture here.
So...I'm in love. And I decided I really wanted to convince my soldier to take some pictures like this with me :)

Anyways...on with the day...
10:30-Noonish - Kelli (Walt's mom) had gotten out of bed and joined me in the living room for a bit. We talked for a little while and I told her about an idea of something I wanted to do for Walter ('s a secret...I can't post it on here in case he reads it, but I'm pretty excited about it and Kelli thought it was a good idea too! :) Anyways, I also showed her these pictures I found and asked her if she thought Walter would comply with my plan...haha. His little sister is only 14, but she takes really good I asked Kelli if she thought Elizabeth would want to do a photo shoot like this for us! In the meantime, future Mom-in-law was getting ready to go run some errands and pick Elizabeth up from a friend's house...
Noonish-13:15 - She went on her merry way and I got up and started getting around and then texted my friend Linnea to see if she wanted to meet up. She is having a baby girl and is due May 12th, and I am planning on throwing her a baby shower in early I offered to go with her to set up her baby registry!
13:15-13:30 - Drove to Linnea's apartment to pick her up!
13:30-16:00 - I was really hungry at this point, and low on gas in Boyfriend's after I picked her up, I went and filled up his already had a quarter of a tank in it, and it took me $53 to fill that thing up! I HATE gas prices by the way. Then we went to Subway to eat lunch. I was a goober and accidentally picked up Lays BBQ chips with my sandwich instead of Baked Lays BBQ...I opened the bag before I even realized it...but Linnea was so sweet and offered to trade me! (I really don't like regular Lays potato chips of any flavor...they are so greasy) After lunch we went to Target and got her registered! We found some really cute things, and I am so excited to get to purchase some of the items for her and baby Amelia! :) 
16:00-18:00 - As we left Target, we stopped at Starbucks because we were feeling sleeping from our long day of baby shopping...and they were out of BOTH white mocha AND chai...WHAT THE BEEP? we drove down the street and went to a different Starbucks. We had been planning on going to Winter Jam, which is a concert featuring quite a few Christian bands, for a few weeks before. We left Starbucks and got stuck in a HORRIBLE traffic jam. What should've been a 10 minute drive took 45 minutes. So we finally get to the Verizon Arena, and I drop Linnea off near the entrance so her pregnant self doesn't have to walk so far, and I take off to find a parking spot.
18:00-18:30 - So unfortunately you can't buy tickets to Winter Jam in advance...only at the door. So literally, RIGHT after I drop Linnea off, something catches my notice: There are an awfully lot of people walking AWAY from the arena. My intuition tells me they are sold out. BUT Linnea had forgotten her phone at her apartment, so I couldn't call her. So I decided I better find a parking spot quick and go find her. I drive at least 5 blocks or so down the road and found the only free place I could find that wouldn't tow me...and started my mission to find her. Once I got up near the entrance, she was easy to spot, so we headed about a block away to Burger King so she could wait in the warmth while I went to get the truck.
18:30-18:45 - I picked her up and we decided the evening wasn't killed, so we went back to her apartment to get her phone and stuff, and then went back to Boyfriend's mom's house to hang out. 
18:45-21:00 - Both future Mom-in-law and Sister-in-law were home, but shortly after we got there, future Mom-in-law got a phone call from her me and the girls decided we were hungry and went to Taco Bell/KFC to pick up some grub. We took it back to the house and ordered Burlesque on Pay Per View. I watched it up until about the last 30 minutes or so, then it was time to Skype with Boyfriend :)
21:00-22:00 - I had already seen the movie before, so I excused myself and went back to the bedroom so we could talk before he went to bed. I showed Boyfriend the pictures I found, and he agreed to them! :) He also gave me some fantastic/slightly bad news...he gets to come home on leave one more time before he deploys! He gets to come home April 7th-10th and spend the weekend with me :) I say slightly bad news because the 9th was originally when I was supposed to be hosting Linnea's baby shower in my part of the state. And Walter told me he wanted to come to Fayetteville instead of Little Rock...which I was happy about, but I knew his mom would be disappointed, which made me sad :( But he assured me it was what he wanted, so I told him I would tell them the fantastic/slightly bad news.
22:00-22:30 - I went into the living room and told them. Linnea is just a wonderful person, and agreed to changing the date of her shower to the weekend before, no problem. His mom was disappointed at first, but still very supportive and insisted that he go to Fayetteville because she knew it was important for us to get to spend some quality time together before he goes. She and Elizabeth are going to come up one night just to see him though :)
22:30-23:00 - I took Linnea home and then drove back to future Mom-in-law's house. I called Boyfriend on the way home and we talked a little while after I made it back to the house. His mom had called him, so they had already discussed everything about the weekend he'll be on everything seemed to be in order.
23:00-24:00 - I had started looking at plane tickets...of course! And to fly into the Northwest Arkansas airport, it was a bit I started doing some digging. I found him a ticket for about $150 less into Tulsa, so we talked about it and I went ahead and booked it for him! :D :D :D I am absolutely so took me forever to get to sleep that night! 

So there was my day on Saturday! I will be back in the arms of the love of my life 1 month from today! :)


  1. I know, right?! I always get a Marble Mocha Macchiato, which has regular mocha and white mocha mixed and it is delightful...I was so bummed. But they other Starbucks saved the day! :)