Monday, October 14, 2013

Reviving the ol' blog...

I am a terrible blogger.

I go through phases where I really like the idea of blogging, and I go through others were I think it's silly. Part of me thinks, "This is a great outlet." - another part of me thinks, "In some ways, this is kind of a version of vanity...posting about my life, thoughts, etc., so that other people will read it." Other parts of me think, "This is surely a way to attract a creepy-psycho-stalker because I'm sharing details about my life and all the crazy thoughts floating around in my head." But I have decided that maybe, for me, blogging is going to be a writing outlet. Journal of sorts. Not so much for other people, but for me. To record my thoughts. Have an easy place to come back to and look back on memories. I used to love to write. I kept a journal and wrote in it almost every night. Now, my life is crazy busy and I feel like I never have time. Typing is much faster. And it doesn't hurt my hand and my neck, or waste trees... ;) So I am going to blog again. Well, I am going to try at least.

If you are reading this, please understand that I am doing this more for me than I am anyone else. I can't promise that I will always have some exciting story to tell, or any words of wisdom to inspire you with. Quite frankly, I can't even promise that what I write will make sense to anyone but me. Just know that I think having a healthy outlet is good for all of us. If something I write inspires you, I'm honored. If something I write offends you, I apologize. If something I write makes you laugh - thank you for understanding my sense of humor! If something I write is so completely boring and dull...well, I would encourage you to just skip it and find something more productive to do than read about my life - I am really not that exciting, so I won't be offended :)

I like to think of myself as a thinker. I like to think about things, ideas, values, journeys, goals, and the list goes on and on and on. I love...deeply. I laugh...a lot. And though I probably won't tell you much about my adventures as a rocket scientist...I am keeping that as part of my blog title to remind you that not everything is rocket science, and often times we make things far more difficult than they really are or need to be. The things I will share are most likely going to be things that fall more in the category of "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out" type things.

But I want to share. I want to keep a record of this phase of my life. I just went from being a grad student that lived less than 2-3 hours from nearly all of my relatives, in one of the most beautiful parts of the country in my opinion (Northwest Arkansas) to moving 1500 miles across the country, becoming a homeowner, starting my first "big kid" job working full time, opening a branch of a company that I have come to respect and appreciate so much (all the while learning more of the craziness that comes with living in California - the good, the bad, and the ugly) and learning how to manage a small business, and so much more. I would be crazy if I didn't do something for myself to look back on, share with my kids someday, and keep my family and friends that I can genuinely say live all over the country - and even in some scattered throughout various parts of the world - updated on the changes in my life (if they choose to read it) and the things I am constantly pondering/evaluating in order to allow my thoughts, experiences, etc., to continually improve who I am and become the best version of myself I can possibly figure out how to be.

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