Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Easy Taco Soup

I told you last week about our "New Years" Resolution to try out at least one new recipe each week. We have actually tried out 3 new ones since that post, and have liked them all...(what can I say? maybe we just like food...)

So today for Tasty Tuesday, I wanted to share with you my favorite one from this week: Easy Taco Soup

I'm not kidding by the way...this one is easy :) Maybe that's why I love it so much...but I promise, it does taste really good too! :)

This one is a slow cooker recipe. My sister actually got us a really awesome Cooks slow cooker for Christmas, and I have used it twice so far. Let me just say...I am a fan :) It is a really nice one...has settings for low, medium and warm, and it also has a timer, which I really like because I can set it for as long as I need and it will not overcook stuff and make it too mushy or anything. It's fantastic :) 

We got this recipes from SparkRecipes iPad app. Here is how you do it...

1 lb. frozen chicken breast
1 can great northern beans (undrained)
1 can black beans (undrained)
1 can dark red kidney beans (partially drained)
1 can corn (undrained)
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (powder)
1 can diced tomatoes with green chilies (a.k.a. Rotel tomatoes - undrained)
dash of cumin

-Do not defrost chicken first. Put it in first, on the bottom of the slow cooker, closest to the heating mechanism.
-Do not drain any of the cans except for the kidney beans, and even then, only drain what sits on top of the can - leave 3/4ths undrained.
-Cook for 1 hour on high, or 6 on low.
-Once done cooking, shred chicken with a fork while still in the pot (I acutally took the chicken out and shredded it with a fork on top of a cutting board because it was a little easier to maneuver).

Nutrition Information:
Makes eight 8oz. servings
Calories: 262.2
Total Fat: 2.9g
Total Carbs: 44.4g
           -Dietary Fiber: 11.7g
-Sugars: 2.4g
Protein: 15 g

As you can see, it is low in fat, fairly low in calories, and high in fiber and protein, which is important :)

I served it over a bit of steamed rice and topped it with some shredded cheese and a dollop of fat free sour cream...It was delicious! However, those are not included in the nutrition info..haha :)

The chicken can also be substituted with 1 lb. frozen ground beef, but that would add calories, as well as unnecessary fat.

Bon Appetit! (perhaps I should learn how to say that in Spanish? haha)


  1. Hey girl! I love Taco Soup. I use a Weightwatchers recipe that seriously makes for an army. I substitute ground beef for ground turkey and it's very similar to yours. I am a huge fan of the kidney beans and my recipe calls for chili beans instead of black and boy is it yummy! PS- Crockpots are amazing! Seriously what did we do before that?!

  2. Hey Mel! Yes, I love my crock pot! I have only had it for a couple weeks and have already used it multiple times :) And I am going to start trying more ground turkey in place of ground beef...it is so much leaner! I am proud of you for sticking to your new goals! I can't wait to see more of your meals :)