Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frugal Wedding Frenzy: Part 3 - The Bridesmaids Dresses!

I told you in Frugal Wedding Frenzy - Part 2 that I had found my bridesmaids dresses for my beach wedding in Cozumel in May. I later explained that I lied, because those dresses ended up being too short for my tall, long-legged sisters (I did not get those was I supposed to know? ;) I have mentioned in a couple past posts that I was having a hard time finding the color I wanted...I originally had wanted turquoise dresses, but then when I couldn't find the right shade of turquoise, I decided I would do orange instead. Then when the orange dresses were too short, and I couldn't find a single dress other than that one that was the right shade of orange, I contemplated changing my colors and going with red dresses and nixing the orange completely. It has been a bit of an ordeal, but....

I have FINALLY found my bridesmaids dresses!  :)

Here it is! :)
I am actually very excited about these :) In addition to the color dilemma I was having, I was also having a hard time finding dresses that weren't too formal. I'm having a beach wedding...which to me, clearly means I want my wedding to be a little more on the casual side! That's why I had originally planned on doing short dresses for the bridesmaids, in hopes that it would be take away some of the "formal-ness" of the dresses. I had been hunting for a chiffon fabric, because my dress is chiffon and I figured that would compliment well, and I thought it would be nice and flowy on the beach. But even the chiffon dresses were a little too formal for my taste...turns out if you do any type of search for actual "bridesmaid" dresses, it's hard to find anything casual.

So a couple days ago, I was getting really frustrated. I really wanted to find something that my bridesmaids could wear again if they wanted to. That's when it hit me...Why don't I just search for cotton/jersey knit dresses??? So I did.

I stumbled upon this dress (along with a few others) on the Victoria's Secret website (you can click the link if you want to see more about the dress, including the back view :). My initial thought was, "Perfect color! But I wanted short dresses..." I found a few others that could be decent short dress options in red, but not turquoise. But the more I went back and looked at this dress, the more I decided I really did like it the best, and I could stick with my original plan: turquoise dresses :) I think they are perfect...they are casual, yet still classy, rewearable (at least I would wear it again!), and so far, 3 of my 4 bridesmaids have confirmed that they like the dress! (the 4th is actually in labor with her baby boy as I type this, so I think she gets a pass on not getting back to me yet... ;)

I've always hated being in weddings where I had to wear a dress someone else picked out, that didn't even really fit me well, I had to pay a small fortune for it, and it is now in my closet collecting dust. On top of that, I'm having a beach wedding, but unfortunately I simply do not have the means to pay for my bridesmaids travel and room at the resort...I wish I could, but I just can't. So I really wanted to buy the dresses myself...I feel like that's the least I could do to show my appreciation for them. The problem with that is...I'm cheap. I like to think I'm just incredibly frugal. are you ready for the best part? :)

These dresses were originally $79.50, and were on sale for $69.50. That wasn't as cheap as my $31 bridesmaids dresses that didn't fit, but I was still okay with it. Especially considering the other dresses I had found before I started looking for cotton ones were over $100 per dress. Yikes. So here I was, all ready to pay $69.50 per dress, and right before I checked out online, I decided to do a quick little Google search for Victoria's Secret offer codes...and this is what I came up with :)

I always try to look for coupon codes before I buy anything online. Most of the time, I either find expired ones, or ones that just don't fit what I'm purchasing, but today was my lucky day! I was able to use two codes:

SHIP50VS - This one gave me free shipping on orders over $50...the shipping would've been $19.99 total for the 4 dresses! AND it expires tomorrow! Just in time!

FA1127085 - This one was for $15 off $100, $30 off $150, $75 off $250 or $150 off $500 or more...$69.50 x 4 = $278, so I got $75 off!

I ended up paying $221.27 total for the four dresses with tax, which means I saved almost $100 total, and the dresses ended up being $55.32 each, tax and all. I practically got a dress and a half free...I kinda wish I would've ordered one for myself now...haha

You win some, you lose some. I definitely think this one qualifies as a win :) Now let's just hope these ones fit...

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